EZ-MES Services and Support

EazyWorks provides services and support designed to help you maximizing the benefits of using EZ-MES. From initial deployment and beyond, we provide both self-service as well full-service support. Below is a list of the most common types of services and support available.



We offer onsite training modules. The benefit of an onsite training is that it is given by people who will bring many years of knowledge. A training is normally setup for two key subjects: Administration and Operation. Onsite training programs are usually scheduled for 3, 4 or 5 days. The training is setup in modules with explanation, examples and Q&A blocks. It will use your system as a reference making it possible to directly implement what you learn.


We can provide implementation support via our consultancy services. When designed and implemented correctly Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can achieve productivity gains of over 25%. We understand that solutions for fast growing companies have to be flexible and scalable. We can help you setting up flow designs for EZ-MES, effective reporting from EZ-MES and an implementation plan that will result in immediate improvement of your current operations

Custom Development

Although the Manufacturing Execution System EZ-MES comes with a very extensive range of functions and feature that can create a solution out of the box by just configuring the system, it also supports the seamless adding of specialized software extensions to help further automate your production and reporting processes. We can provide custom development for your specific needs as such. Our experienced developers will work directly in close contact with you. 

SCADA / IoT Integration

EZ-MES has an open API build-in. API stands for Application Programming Interface and allows EZ-MES to connect to other software and hardware. We can help with both (A) connecting your existing equipment interfaces, SCADA environment and/or IoT devices to EZ-MES as well (B) help you with using EZ-MES to set up a new SCADA and/or IoT platform. EZ-MES interfaces seamless with Node-RED which can be used to connect to and control networked hardware and software using various industry standard protocols and brokers such as ModBUS and MQTT.


Initial Configuration

We help you to get a running start. Just send us a production flow and we will take care that EZ-MES will be configured with your flow. This is probably the fastest way to learn the system.

Online Help Pages

In EZ-MES, Context Sensitive Help pages are connected to the user-interface, just click the question-mark in the upper right corner, and the related help page will popup. In addition, you can access an extensive number of help pages on:


Software updates

To simplify updating to new software releases of EZ-MES, we provide an updater tool. Not only will this tool let you update to a new version with a simple click of a button but it will also allow you to swiftly roll back to previous versions of EZ-MES. Enabling you at any time full control of the version of EZ-MES you want to use. Using the updater tool, EZ-MES software updates can be performed fully automated and take only a few minutes.

Call or e-mail us

The overview above reflects the most common type of services and support requests we get. If you have specific requests, please contact us.