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  1. You get the freedom to try before you buy.
  2. We support you with configuring the first flow(s), to give your evaluation a kick-start.
  3. A working system tells you more than a document with 1000 words.
  4. We deliver an off-the-shelf solution that speeds up the introduction process.
  5. No budget approval needed, and need more time than 30 Days, please let us know, and together we will work something out.
  6. Ready to go into production, migration from Trial to Production is easy.
  7. No installs required, EZ-MES is a real-time, browser based Manufacturing Execution System in the Cloud.


Fill out the following form and press the submit button. We will have you up and running within 24 hours.



What to expect after you submit your trial request?

Typical sequence of events, after you've submitted your 30 Day Trial request form:

  1. We receive your request and you receive an automated reply message of acknowledgement
  2. We call or e-mail, to learn more about your requirements
  3. We set up a new server with EZ-MES pre-installed on it
  4. We send you the URL and you Create a new account
  5. Once your account is created we will give you administration rights to the system
  6. We will notify you that your rights have been assigned and you are ready to go
  7. You can use the Getting Started Manual to configure your system
  8. To facilitate a quick start we typically request a production flow for your system
  9. Based on your request we can pre-configure EZ-MES with you specific industry examples

Any Questions?

Please contact us.