Overview of the main features of EZ-MES

EZ-MES is a realtime browser based Manufacturing Execution System for managing, tracking, controlling, documenting and improving work-in-process on a factory floor. Here is an overview of its main functionalities:


  • Acquisition, Collection and Analysis of Data 
    Once your processes are in place and your EZ-MES system is at work, you can maximize efficiency, yield and quality by collecting and analyzing process data. EZ-MES will allow you to collect and analyse data and give you direct access through reports, Excel exports or SOAP interfaces. Learn more.


  • Barcode and Custom Label Support
    EZ-MES supports Barcode entries and is using barcodes on most reports to identify the connected MES Objects. Furthermore it is possible to design your own custom barcode labels that will show product specific information and custom images. Learn more.


  • Electronic Travelers
    An electronic Traveler is used to track a specific part, batch or lot through a specific production flow. It serves as the real time central information point from where all information regarding that part / batch / lot can be found. Learn more.


  • Equipment / Asset Management
    Extensive equipment management. Schedule preventive maintenance, perform unscheduled maintenance. Keep track of equipment history, traceability to all part, lots, runs. Have direct access to equipment documentation and maintenance documentation. Barcode support to make custom equipment labels that can be used for data entry. Learn more.


  • Individual / Batch / Lot Tracking
    For a large number of industries and applications, full forward (to customer) and backward (to supplier) traceability is required. EZ-MES allows you to answer tracking questions fast and efficiently. Learn more.


  • Inventory Management
    Understanding what you have, where it is in your warehouse, and when stock is going in and out can help lower costs, speed up fulfillment, and prevent fraud. Within EZ-MES you have different ways to manage your inventory. Learn more.



  • Product Tracking and Genealogy
    EZ-MES has real time WIP reports with drop down options, full product history (from the cradle to the grave), and tracking for individual parts, lots, batches, and assemblies. Syntax for serial numbers is fully configurable. Full genealogy support with unlimited levels. Learn more.


  • Resource Allocation and Status
    Manages resources including machines, materials, other equipment, and takes care that other entities such as documents are available in order for work to start at the operation. Revision control is available for all elements that define the configuration. Learn more.


  • Work Orders Management 
    EZ-MES manages the flow of production units by using Travelers. Multiple Travelers can be connected to a single Work Order. The routing of the traveler is defined by Flexible Flow Definitions (Routings). Based on the due dates of the Work Orders, the priority for each traveler is automatically calculated. Learn more.