Product Tracking and Genealogy

EZ-MES allows you to track your products through your whole organzation and even when they leave your organzation to your customer.


Types of Tracking

For every product you will be able to track all the consumed parts, the suppliers that supplied the parts, the people that worked on the product and when they worked on it, the equipment that was used to manufacture the part, Lot numbers, Serial Numbers, the measurement data that was acquired, if there was any rework etc. Basically anything you would like to know can be retrieved from EZ-MES with a couple off mouse clicks. Just scan the barcode of the product, or enter the Serial Number and you will get a form from which you can access all the different aspects.


Organizing Tracking

The simple tracking features with EZ-MES will help your organization in many ways:

  • Access to historic production data
  • Vendor Quality Control and Liability
  • Customer Service
  • Production Resource Usage
  • Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Service, Recall, Warranty, Maintenance and Repair

Basically, essential information for any Manufacturing Operation

This functionality is a basic requirement for efficient operations. At the moment any of these mentioned features cannot be executed in a couple of minutes, you will risk loosing your competitive advantage by something simple like good record keeping. Your product can be perfect, but the competition can still beat you when they have their operational act better organized.

The blocks below show the EZ-MES features with respect to Product Tracking and Genealogy.