Work Orders Management

Using Work Orders you can organize the release of work on the factory floor. The Work Orders will show you the requested items and when they are required. Furthermore you have a single access point to see all the work that is issued against the Work Order. You can see all the travelers and parts, and where in the manufacturing process they are located.


Short list of features

The main EZ-MES Features for Work Orders are:

  • Flexible product routing through configurable and revision controlled Flow Definitions
  • Work Orders that can contain multiple Requested Items
  • Requested Items can be used for creating Actions, Travelers and Purchase Orders
  • Prioritization of travelers based on due dates and current situation in production


Generating Work Orders

Work Orders can be generated based on customer or internal requests. Each Work Order consists of a list of Requested Items with individual due dates. Each requested Item can be connected to a traveler.


Traveler Configuration

The sequence of steps on a traveler is defined by the Flow Definition.