EZ-MES is a product of EazyWorks Inc.

EazyWorks Inc. is privately held and founded in 2005. We offer software applications and services for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. Our premium product EZ-MES is a real time browser based Manufacturing Execution System for managing, tracking, controlling, documenting and improving work-in-process on a factory floor. Our software has build-in native support for the Cloud.

The team at EazyWorks has hands on experience in managing production at small and mid-size companies. We try to work as much as possible with simple and transparent pricing structure. Prices are available on our Website without hidden fees: you have access to all modules, and you can deploy it to an unlimited number of users.

We strongly believe that better information supply will lead to better decision making, which will improve your manufacturing execution. We developed a system that will help you answer questions fast and efficiently. We will continue to develop this system to address new questions that will surface in the manufacturing environment. We make our systems straight forward to operate, simple to enter and retrieve data but also easy to configure. This all results in a lower cost for your organization, and will free up time so that you are better prepared to make informed decisions.